Saturday, July 22, 2006

Be afraid... Be very afraid!

“No one wrecks my vacations,” Mr. Bush said with steely resolve. “Not on my watch.”

Batten down the hatches everyone~
The Shrub is going on vacation!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dark Side of the Rainbow

Click the Witch!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Homophobes, Bigots and Me: Round II

Thanks to all the blenders from Pam's House Blend that surfed on over to the wingnut from Christian Hill's blog. Some of your comments were amazing and incredibly thoughtful. I obviously am not as eloquent. I am a bit more visceral and passionate. I blame it on my Latin blood. One thing is for certain though, if their attempt to enshrine bigotry into the State constitution comes to pass, it is going to be a bumpy ride here in Massachusetts.

Already we have seen people confronting those who signed the petition to repeal Gay Marriage and it hasn't been pretty. I myself found a few of my distant cousins who signed the petition and it broke my heart.

But this is what these bigots want, they seem to thrive on conflict. If they don't have some group, someone to discriminate against, they are miserable and lost. They want to divide and conquer. They want to break up families and create rifts that will never heal.

It's funny, all you hear from the supporters of this amendment is "Let us vote, this is a democracy". Yet, when you voice your opinions and call these homophobes on their shit, they cry "Unfair, no name calling". "That's the way to sway us to your side". What side? The side that's tolerant and understanding of other peoples differences? Sway who? A bunch of homo-bigots whose minds where corrupted by hate and fear long ago? It's laughable that I am accused of "Not doing my cause any good". How many times do we get to hear these people call us evil, immoral, sick & perverted then turn around and say "it's ok, it's my religion"!? I am sick and tired of being "civil"while these assholes marginalize us and take away our civil rights and liberties.

These are the people I don't give a shit about swaying. These whack-jobs drank the wrong brand of Kool-aide long ago and their brains are sauced in it. I doubt if there is any turning back for these sheeple. These are the same people who blindly follow their dear fearless leader into what looks more and more like WW III because he is supposedly a good Christian...


Aren't real Christians supposed to be loving, tolerant and accepting?!! These people wrap themselves up in their 'Jesus blankets' and fall back on the ole "It's my religion" excuse to cloak their arrogance, hate and bigotry.

They are nothing but sniveling Cowards!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Bible-Bashing-Homo-Bigots are out in full force

At another Cape Cod Blog I read occasionally (gotta know who you are up against right?) there was a post and some commenting on the decision by the Massachusetts State Legislature to postpone the vote on Gay Marriage to November 9th. Now this of course has got the Bible-Bigots in a tizzy. One in particular has got her panties all bunched up in a wad and has accused me terrible, awful, unspeakable things!

She obviously has nothing better to do with herself than rail against Gay people and their families.
What always amazes me about these so called "Christians" is their uncanny ability to hate, then hate and then hate even more.

How incredibly "Christian" of you.

Here is a great post from Pam over at Pam's House Blend about the insane hypocrisy that seems to just ooze from these peoples pores.

I have said it before and I will say it many more times I am sure;

what sad, miserable lives these people must lead.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The Homo-Bigots of Massachusetts will have to wait now till November to try and get bigotry written into the State constitution.

But be assured: You. Will. LOSE.

You are nothing but pitiful, miserable people with nothing to do but hate.

What horrible sad existences you must lead.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Friday, July 7, 2006

I Freakin' Knew IT!!!

found over at: GD Hour Log Blog

Negativity & Wingnuts, the Grateful Dead and Me

Recently I engaged in a commenting tussle at a blog I read and link to called Grateful Dead News. (Actually I might have started it...oopsy) The post that got me (and quite a few others) riled up was entitled: 'An Interview with Ann Coulter'. Now for me, just the mention of her name is enough to make smoke come out of my ears. And after reading this interview I lost it. I left a pretty negative and nasty comment about it at GDN (I deleted them so I would stop being the focus and because I didn't want to engage the AC supporters anymore. I am tired of people supporting people like her & their 'right' to hate speech!) and for this I am sorry. Not about her being a self-promoting, bigoted, xenophobic, nasty stanky-assed fishmongering whore (Oops I did it again) but that I did exactly what she wanted; I got as negative and nasty as her.

So as other people pointed out in the comments about her interview, at best she is a 'fan' of the Grateful Dead, not a 'Head' as we who still love and follow the boys on the their mystical journey call ourselves. What I think, is that she is just a wanna be fan who had friends in college who were into the Dead and she thought it was cool and wanted to be with the 'in' crowd so she slithered aboard the train. Are we supposed to believe a word she says in this interview in light of the current allegations concerning her journalistic credibility!?It should be obvious to anyone that actually reads her crap that she is a liar, an instigator, an attention whore and an now it appears an apparent plagiarist.

It amazes me how certain individuals apparently have pin pointed exactly what it means to be a Dead Head and because AC attended a few shows and can name a few songs that makes her one. Let me tell you what being a Dead Head means to me & the ways and affect that it has had on my life.

I was introduced to the Dead & their music when I was in 9th grade (1977) by a guy named Mike Moran who had just moved to the Cape from New York. Mike had a gaggle of older brothers and sister; hippies them all. At first it was mostly about bong hits & getting wasted. But then on may 14th, 1978 at the Providence Civic Center I saw my first show and something really wild and cool happened. I knew I was home. I know this might sound strange to the folks out there that never saw the Dead or who weren't into them, but home I was. I didn't know most of the songs at that point, but a few standouts for me were the rockin' 'Me & My Uncle/Big River' and an amazing 'Estimated Prophet/Eyes of the World'. And of course, one of the few songs I knew at the time, 'US Blues' to close. I remember the energy of the crowd; how everyone was laughing & smiling and dancing their asses off. I never had such a good time in my life before! Wel at least in my oh so short 15 years at the time/.

Thursday, July 6, 2006


This really goes right into the WTF? column.

I just watched my next door neighbor drive about 50 her mailbox...

across the street...

it's drizzling out...

We are doomed, doomed I say!!


First off...


A week and a half ago I got this email:

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This system has detected that your blog has characteristics that resemble spam. Since you're an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not a spam blog. Automated spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and we sincerly apologize for this erroneous result.

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Almost 2 weeks ago! and I am just able to post today...

They really are right on top of things!