Friday, March 23, 2007

A Vote For Gay Rights: Vote in the Poll!

Go to this link at the Cape Cod Times and show your support for Gay & Lesbian civil rights by casting a vote against fear and ignorance!

Out of 6,349,097 people, 160,00 bigots vote to rescind the civil rights of their fellow citizens and that's a majority???

Murray: Gay marriage will get vote

BOSTON - Senate President Therese Murray said yesterday that she would work to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, but she would not use parliamentary moves to prevent the Legislature from voting on it.

''My vote is going to be just what it was last time,” Murray, D-Plymouth, told reporters on her first full day as leader of the state Senate, the Associated Press reported. ''But I'm not going to move to adjourn. I will call for a vote and I will try to help the (gay marriage) advocates get the votes that they need.” cont.

We have or work cut out for us. Check out Marry in Massachusetts' spin on it.

Does it ever stop? The hate the bigotry the fear?

Beautiful spring day here on Cape Cod. Going for a hike in Ptown Bringing my camera so I will be posting some pictures when I get back.

Nothing much else.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The afa Bigots Are At it Again...

I read earlier over at Pam's House Blend that the 'American Family Association' has issued one of their 'action alerts' telling their hordes of homophobes to contact their representatives regarding the pending H.R. 254: David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007.

Apparently these idiots are saying that if this bill passes life as we know it will be over. Oh yeah, and that the world is flat, and it's at the center of the universe, and it's only 6,500 years old, and we were made from dust and a human rib.

Here is part of their call to bigotry:

WARNING! The video is highly offensive, but it is real footage from the actual parade.

WARNING! The video is highly offensive, but it is real footage from the actual parade.

March 20, 2007

A new "hate crimes" bill further protecting homosexual activity has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act would increase protection for the kind of activity shown on this video.

The bill is the first step toward silencing any opposition to the homosexual lifestyle. This video will show you the kind of activity this bill protects. The video was shot during an actual homosexual pride parade in Chicago.

If this "hate crimes" bill is passed, and you publicly protest, complain or oppose the type of activity in this video, your action could eventually be construed to be subject to prosecution for a criminal act.

To stop this bill, please take these actions today.

  1. Click here to send an email to your representative asking him or her to strongly oppose the "hate crimes" bill.

  2. Please share this page with friends and family. The average person has no clue about this "hate crimes" bill. The only way we have of getting the word out is with the help of individuals like you.

Now I had some fun with this earlier. I sent a message to the guy who made/posted the video on YouTube and told him that the afa was using it so he made the video private so when you click to play it it just says "Loading". hehehehe

So what was so offensive in the video you may ask?

Nothing... seriously.

I watched it and kept waiting for some sort of titillating sexual behavior but it was the usual Gay pride parade; a bunch of guys & gals dancing riding on floats and having a good time.

It was nothing compared to some of the stuff I saw when I went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans or what I have seen watching videos of Carnivale parades. What I do remember about Mardi Gras was a bunch of really drunk mostly heterosexual 'activity' which would make even the most sexually liberated among us blush. I saw so may tits, dicks and vagina's I thought I was at a taping of a Howard Stern show. Not that there's anything wrong with it...

Ya know what I find offensive though...

I find it offensive that a bunch of bigoted imbeciles like theses brain dead heartless fucks from the afa are actually given legitimacy by the MSM and our government.

These people are delusional, extremely dangerous and need to be marginalized.

Therese Murray Elected Massachusetts Senate Pres and the Bigots at Mass Family Becomes Even More Irrelevant

This is good...really really good. She is a strong proponent of Gay civil rights & SSM and she voted against the letting the bigoted petition to repeal Same Sex Marriage go to a vote.

And, she is the first woman in Massachusetts to hold the Senate Presidency. Man do I love my State!

AND...we elected Sarah Peake an openly Gay woman to fill the seat left by the repuglican, Shirley Gomes who (no, really?) voted to "let the people vote".

This is really going to send Chris Mineau and the rest of the homo bigots at Mass Family into a tizzy!

as I so elegantly put it in an email I just sent to them:

"All I want to do is gloat. You don’t stand a chance in hell of repealing my civil rights now!!

You are now nothing but an irrelevant bunch of hypocritical bigots who having nothing left but hate.

Naner naner naner!


Lee Giroux"

I told them didn't I!